PSL EPIC Awards 2021
Finalist Information

Sheca Cox
EPIC Manager Finalist

Hope Center
Executive Director
Proud Associate since 4/18/2017

Sheca started in 2017 as a CNA and worked her way up to ED. She has a sincere love for her residents and treats them like family. She has spent her own money on residents who did not have family support. She would buy clothing and other personal supplies when needed.  Sheca even did this for other staff members. She has always led by example and other associates follow her lead. Sheca raises the bar for care plans and incident reports while decreasing the turnover rate.  She helps her teammates and has taken Hope from good to great. There is no doubt staff, residents, and families feel her love, care, and appreciation.

Michelle Sluka
EPIC Manager Finalist

The Phoenix at Lake Joy
Community Engagement Director
Proud Associate since 1/5/2018

Michelle worked her way up from recreation therapist doing whatever it took to care for residents. Besides giving outstanding tours, she organizes blood drives, breakfast for heroes, helps housekeeping, works 12-hour MOD shifts, helps cook meals, and even works the dish pit. Michelle was clutch during COVID helping residents and families connect.  Her leadership makes every interaction meaningful and everyone around her better. She is the ripple that spreads knowledge, kindness, and hard work ethic throughout the community.

Steven Ackermann
EPIC Manager Finalist

The Retreat at Buford
Facilities Director
Proud Associate since 6/1/2021

Steven is always looking out for everyone. He truly has the heart of a servant. He takes time to listen to how residents are doing.   He is there daily to give one resident a wheelchair push after breakfast. Another resident recently passed away, but he was there every morning with a hug during her decline. He went to the visitation on his own time and brought flowers. Steven exudes infectious positivity. He sings to residents on their birthday and plays cards with them.  He regularly helps and motivates the housekeeper. He even came in one night to help mitigate a small flooding incident.

Danette McMillan
EPIC Manager Finalist

The Phoenix at Milton
Business Office Manager
Proud Associate since 1/1/2018

Danette started as a cook in 2018 and has been working incredibly hard ever since.  She has blazed a trail of incredible accomplishment and wonderful memories. She was always first in the door to cook every morning and not leaving until every plate was clean after dinner. She built an incredible team she called “family.”  Danette even hosted two baby showers for her servers. She somehow found time to pursue her BA degree in HR, graduating in 2021, and now pursuing a Masters degree.  She took the BOM position despite the pay decrease saying, “I love this company and want to keep moving forward with them.” Danette’s associates truly love and trust her and she has proudly earned the nickname “Mama Bear.”

Sharon Reed
EPIC Associate Finalist

The Phoenix at Milton
Assistant Program and Outreach Director
Proud Associate since 7/26/2019

Sharon has an infectious smile and a beautiful South African accent. She has found her calling impacting other people’s lives with her Worldly experience, caring worldly experience, caring attitude, and selflessness.  She runs activities, drives the bus, provides care, plans special events, makes rounds in the dining room with each resident, and leads a group of walkers several times each day.  At the pub, she knows the drink and snack order for each resident. Sharon is described as “chicken soup for the soul”.

Sandra Kenely
EPIC Associate Finalist

The Pearl at Fort Mill
Proud Associate since 10/22/2020

Sandy is careful to greet everyone that comes into the community, assist residents in the dining room, knows every vendor that visits, and plays balloon volleyball with residents most evenings. She assists as MOD on weekends to support her team and comes in early to help with breakfast. Her superpower is the details and time she takes to get to know everyone. Another example of her magic is when a resident stopped walking, Sandy took it on herself to start walking with her daily to put a smile back on her face.

Penny Smith
EPIC Associate Finalist

The Pearl at Five Forks
Activities Assistant
Proud Associate since 10/23/2020

Penny is kind, patient, and goes above and beyond every day. She gives families peace and comfort in their conversations and even fulfills request to travel with residents. In March 2021 Penny was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer which requires a complex combination of therapies. During all the chemo and radiation since May 2021, Penny has only missed four days of work. Penny is also a mentor to the younger staff. She even spent a snowy night at The Pearl to make sure they had coverage for residents during the difficult time.

Amanda "Kelley" White
EPIC Associate Finalist

The Retreat at Buford
Med Tech
Proud Associate since 3/1/2019

Kelley has been with Buford for almost 9 years. Her care for residents always comes first. Residents become family members as she takes the extra time to get to know them. She deals with a variety of personalities but finds common ground with each of them. She even finds time and patience for the chatty ones, setting aside 20 minutes when needed to keep a smile on someone’s face.  Kelly is always patient, reliable, and protective. She is the epitome of a team player and is always willing to jump in and help any department.