PSL EPIC Awards 2022
Finalist Information

Avion Lambertis
EPIC Manager Finalist

The Lynmoore at Lawnwood
Facilities Director

Avion is a wise leader and a compassionate caregiver even though his main responsibility is to maintain a building. He adds a human dimension to his role that touches people’s hearts and makes them feel so important. As a leader, he shows compassion and grace to his team and helps other leaders in the community by encouragement. He leaves innocent but meaningful, post-it notes for his colleagues. One for the ED jokingly said “Smile Bosslady”. Avion brought his own huge fireworks display and shared it with the community on July 4th while they chanted his name in appreciation. He pulled a 24-hour shift to keep watch when a hurricane approached their area. Ms. Orlene said he gives his love freely and the day he leaves, she leaves with him. Avion walks around the pond with Ms. Jeannette and Ms. O’Toole. His hard work is noticed by all, but it’s his compassion for others that is amazing and inspiring. If you ask him, he says, “I just love what I do.”

Victoria James
EPIC Manager Finalist

The Pearl at Jamestown
Senior Program and Outreach Director

Victoria stepped up last year to do Programming for both Jamestown and Hammond. She basically volunteered for the extra responsibilities and ran with it. She did such a good job that she was asked to lead the Monthly POD calls and develop a POD Playbook that clearly outlines how to run a successful programming department. She didn’t stop there. Victoria helped Operations define a new “POD Coach” role and interviewed the candidates to fill the positions. Then she created and executed an inspirational workshop to set the new POD Coaches up for success. It happened so fast; she did all of this without a promotion. She did it because she cares. Victoria has a tremendous passion for residents living with dementia. On her own, she developed a sensory room to help her dementia residents experiencing anxiety. This innovative room allows residents to experience textile objects, aromatherapy, music therapy, and visual therapy to calm them and has better days. Victoria is a leader in developing Programming, training PODs, retaining PODs, educating on Lifeloop, and exploring dementia.

Katarra Ashley
EPIC Manager Finalist

The Phoenix at Milton
Wellness Director

Katarra is a great team member who is dedicated to enabling the staff to provide the best care possible. She regularly hosts in-service training to keep staff up to date on new protocols and policies. As a result of her encouragement, many associates have furthered their education, including nursing school, and Medtech and CNA courses. The CSS even challenged her to travel to other communities and train new Wellness Directors on clinical best practices. She cares deeply for each staff member and mentors with encouragement and advice. Katarra has most family members’ phone numbers programmed on her cell. She is patient with family members and handles tough situations with grace while providing clinical expertise. Katarra helps with everything from med carts to in-room resident care. She even answers calls at 1 AM to resolve resident issues and answer clinical questions. In her free time, she is a Mom to twins and a 9-year-old special needs son and travels to Mississippi to care for her Dad. Katarra exemplifies the compassion to serve others with the commitment to provide the best care possible.

Beverly Casper
EPIC Associate Finalist

The Pearl at Watkins Centre
AssistantFamily Experience Director

Beverly is a “true partner” in the nursing department. With her mind on the mission, she is changing the care culture at Watkins Centre. One particular resident, Tommy B, is reluctant to leave his room unless he can get a loving kiss on the cheek from his friend Beverly. In the absence of a Wellness Director, Beverly has caught pharmacy issues, works with Hospice, and frequently picks up empty shifts. She even mentored a young RMA. Beverly had Covid in 2020 and decided she would do anything possible to avoid others having to go through the experience she had. Unfortunately, she’s had two collisions with deer, one totaling her car, but still did not miss a day of work. She does all this even while raising 4 children. She has amazing customer service, teamwork, family relationships, and integrity.

Darton Henry
EPIC Associate Finalist

The Bungalows at Fayetteville

Darton is so much more than just a Driver. He also does Concierge and in-house Chaplin responsibilities. He helps Facilities with light bulbs, air filters, and moving furniture. Darton helps with Dining for 2 meals daily, cleans up, and fills in for missing dishwashers. He finds time to volunteer at the community Library and is a preacher at the local church. His personality is as strong as his faith as he greets everyone who enters the community. He remembers kids’ sports games, personal events, and even prays for family members who have had accidents. Remember, we said he is a Driver. He arranged transport for one resident to see his wife in hospice for the last month of her life. He drove a full bus to his house, 30-min away, so his wife could walk their horses around the van for residents to experience. Dart is said to be an inspiring Christian that is committed, selfless, kind-hearted, and reliable

Angela Cooper
EPIC Associate Finalist

The Pearl at Fort Mill
Resident Care Associate

Angela is full of love, compassion, and empathy as she treats all residents like her own family. She has been with Phoenix since 2020 and has won “Associate of the Month” many times for her outstanding care. A resident’s wife said, “Angela is a shining example of the person whom you want to entrust your loved one”. She was even thanked in Mr. McClatchy’s obituary, “The family wishes to thank the staff of Fort Mill, especially Angela, and Jabria, whose compassionate care of Kevin was a great blessing.” She pays attention to details and can tell you how every resident takes their coffee. Angela was offered to be a Lead RCA and Med Tech but prefers the very front line. She also helps with cooking, serving meals, laundry, and staff training. She even helps residents cut their food to avoid struggle. She is a role model in the community and at home as she cares for her Mom (occasionally needing skilled care) and Dad.

Nathan Hurst
EPIC Associate Finalist

The Retreat at Jasper

Nathan is a tender and caring heart that started in 2019 as a caregiver, then a cook, a Memory Care POD, a Server, and a weekend Concierge. He is always on the front line helping with positive energy and still fills in with Programming, Dietary, and Care responsibilities when needed. He loves taking care of both residents and staff and will carry any load to help. Nathan continues this giving spirit in his personal life as he has impacted the lives of foster children, many of them with disabilities. He and his wife currently have four children and exemplify the patience, compassion, and empathy required to enrich the lives of children and seniors alike. Nathan also serves at the local church. He is kind, funny, and shares his love with everyone. He truly makes a difference in the community.