Life Enrichment at The Retreat at Loganville in Loganville, Georgia

A Life Well-lived

At The Retreat at Loganville, our Live, Love, Learn philosophy is integrated into everything we do. We build daily activities, calendared events, and programs based on the National Wellness Institute’s Six Dimensions of Wellness: Physical, Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Occupational (Sense of Purpose), and Spiritual Wellness. Our team of skilled associates works together to provide seamless, full days where each of the six dimensions of wellness are practiced. A person with a strong wellbeing may exhibit the following habits or actions:

  • Sets goals – Sense of Purpose
  • Exhibits a positive attitude – Emotional Wellness
  • Socializes with friends and family - Social Wellness
  • Exercises regularly – Physical Wellness
  • Spends time in prayer and/or meditation – Spiritual Wellness
  • Engages in intellectual or cultural activity – Cognitive Wellness

The Retreat at Loganville

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Woman exercising with weights at The Retreat at Loganville in Loganville, Georgia

Engaging Our Seniors

Geriatric depression is commonly diagnosed in seniors who are not socially active, which can lead to a degradation of their overall wellness. The executives and associates at The Retreat at Loganville design activity programs to keep seniors engaged. The Retreat at Loganville programs are outlined in an activity guide book, which is made accessible to all associates, providing very descriptive programming instructions, as well as identifying our residents’ preferences.

Activities offered include:

  • Volunteer opportunities, Dakim brain fitness, Nature exploration
  • Tai Chi/Qui Gong, Worship opportunities
  • Arts and crafts, Stress reduction exercise
  • Cocktail hours, Themed social gatherings