Activities and events at Johnson Ferry Senior Living in Marietta, GA

Engaging our Seniors

Whether through organized games, local entertainment, or thoughtful conversation with friends, Johnson Ferry Senior Living is constantly encouraging residents to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Our purpose-filled activities and planned events support our Live, Love, Learn objective, designed to keep residents fully stimulated in each of the six dimensions of wellness. Seniors can enjoy delicious meals in our delightful restaurant setting, great books from our fully stocked library, or any of our themed evening events. At Johnson Ferry Senior Living, excitement is always just around the corner.

Johnson Ferry Senior Living

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Staff helping resident cook at Johnson Ferry Senior Living in Marietta, GA

The Perfect Combination

The specialists at Johnson Ferry Senior Living recognize that interaction outside of our personal care facility is essential to the social and emotional wellbeing of our seniors. Therefore, we resource the neighboring communities to fulfill purposeful activities within our care plan. Our seniors take pride in sharing their skills with younger generations, as it reassures their abilities and self-worth. Residents, day program guests, and short-term care residents collaborate fully in sharing these activities with the surrounding community:

  • Sewing and knitting
  • Scouting projects
  • Educational seminars
  • Literary events