Senior day program at Johnson Ferry Senior Living in Marietta, GA

Join the Club

Johnson Ferry Senior Living Senior Day Program offers assisted living support to your loved ones, where they may enjoy all of our facility’s amenities, during the hours of 9:00am – 6:00pm. Our day club allows caretakers the time and peace of mind to manage their responsibilities while their family member is being cared for. We invite seniors to join Johnson Ferry Senior Living community for the day, providing consistent personal care from the same assigned team of staff members. The activities, programs, and events offered are thoughtfully designed to engage and nourish the wellbeing of our thriving seniors.

Johnson Ferry Senior Living

(678) 453-6858

9 Sherwood Ln SE Marietta, GA 30067

Resident with a strainer of plums at Johnson Ferry Senior Living in Marietta, GA

A Day Club for Seniors

Our Senior Day Program offers world-class programs and amenities for your loved one to enjoy. With seniors in mind, the adult day club at Johnson Ferry Senior Living cultivate social and physiological wellness with the following opportunities for engagement:

  • Activities and special events
  • Community gathering spaces
  • Culinary staff, Restaurant style dining
  • Health and wellness assessment
  • Live, Love, Thrive Wellness Program