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The Pearl at Five Forks Memory Care Community offers the very best in assisted living for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the various forms of dementia. Servicing Simpsonville and the surrounding areas, our reputation for excellence draws residents from Spartanburg and Greenville as well. The Pearl at Five Forks is built on compassion that spans generations. We are a family of caregivers dedicated to offering industry leading services and accommodations for seniors who require memory care services. Enjoy spacious living quarters, restaurant level cuisine, and exceptional care. We create an environment where seniors live, love, and thrive.


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The Pearl at Five Forks

(864) 478-8473

15 Five Forks Road Simpsonville, SC 29681

When it comes to your loved one, EVERYTHING matters.

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Purposeful Living

The Pearl at Five Forks strives to raise the standards of how our seniors spend their glory years. Our assisted living and specialized memory care services encourage purposeful living tailored to each resident’s unique gifts, interests, and daily frame of mind. As memory care experts, we recognize that each senior will have good days and more challenging days. We go beyond what is considered ordinary, offering extraordinary personal care. Our Live, Love, Thrive programs and calendar of events are deeply rooted in the National Wellness Institute’s Six Dimensions of Wellness:

  • Physical, Cognitive, Social
  • Emotional, Occupational (Sense of Purpose), Spiritual

Meet Wade Williams

Executive Director The Pearl at Five Forks

Wade Williams joins the Phoenix Senior Living team as our new Executive Director for The Pearl at Five Forks.  Wade brings over 25 years of experience in the healthcare field with the last 16 of those years being specifically focused within the senior living industry following a personal experience with his own grandfather in 2001. He has multi-site management experience predominantly as a Regional and Division leader and has managed portfolios of teams in as many as 33 communities and 8 states in a Divisional role and 10 communities in the state of SC in a Regional role.  Wade joins The Pearl at Five Forks looking to have an impact on and make a difference in the lives of all of those that he will serve with the goal of making the community the provider of choice for our residents, their families, our employees, and other healthcare professionals involved in the care of our residents.

Wade is a 1989 graduate of Clemson University and has lived in Anderson, SC for the past 16 with his wife Kristin, also a 1989 graduate of Clemson University.  He and his wife are the proud parents of son Austin, a rising Junior at Clemson University, and daughter Devin, a rising Junior at T.L. Hanna High School.  In his free time Wade enjoys traveling with his family, attending sports events, and exercising to stay in shape.

TThe Pearl at Five Forks is a community of dedicated care-givers. Our programs and procedures reflect the simple vision of people serving people. Offering world-class, personalized services for seniors in a memory care setting, our executive team and staff plant seeds of excellence in everything we do. Our goal as caretakers is not just to maintain wellness, but to engage our seniors daily and assure them that their lives matter; and they certainly matter to Phoenix Senior Living.

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World Class Service for Seniors

The Pearl at Five Forks understands that people age and experience memory loss in varying degrees. Our services are designed to address the unique needs of each individual, delivered by a team of skilled, engaged, and dedicated associates. While each day may present a new circumstance or challenge for your loved one, our knowledgeable team will deliver care with patience, respect, and compassion. Our mission at The Pearl at Five Forks is to serve seniors with personalized care in a nurturing and compassionate environment. Schedule a tour today and pick up your complimentary guide on what to look for when choosing an assisted living community.


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