Phoenix Senior Living

It’s Summertime and the Living Is Easy at Phoenix Senior Living

As the CEO and Founder of Phoenix Senior Living, I go to bed every night thinking about how we can continue to enhance the care, services, and experiences we provide to our seniors and their families in our Phoenix communities throughout the Southeast.  As the days are becoming longer and the sun is hanging around more and temperatures are growing steadily warmer, it is important to all Phoenix associates that our residents and their families can enjoy summertime activities.

It is an age-old thought that seniors just want to sit around and play Bingo and although many seniors do enjoy a game of spirited Bingo, that is just a small piece of what our seniors truly enjoy at a Phoenix Senior Living community.  As the seasons change, so do our activities and it is summertime at Phoenix Senior Living.  Our outings include local ballgames, gardens, farmer’s markets just to name a few.  Our activities include planting, barbecues, ice cream socials, corn hole and outdoor musical entertainment.   Who doesn’t enjoy an Ice Cream Truck pulling up on a bright, warm summer day– our residents sure do.

It is interesting that both baby boomers and seniors grew up soaking up the sun, not really understanding issues with sun safety. Unfortunately, sunlight has gotten a bad reputation due to increased concerns about skin cancer, which are valid.  However too often many have lost sight of the benefits that minimal sun exposure offers.  As an organization committed to serving seniors, we are also aware that our seniors need Vitamin D as they produce less Vitamin D on their own as they age which can cause a multitude of health concerns.  The easiest and most recommended source of Vitamin D is sunshine, which is abundantly available during the summer.  Our Phoenix teams embrace the opportunity that summer offers and our residents can soak up some Vitamin D in a safe and monitored environment. Our seniors can take advantage of early morning or late afternoon warm rays, supported by a team that is always aware of the importance of enjoying the sunlight in moderation, Just a few minutes of natural sunlight matters and it matters to us that our seniors are able to enjoy it.

There is a reason we hear the term a “sunny disposition”.  No one can deny the fact a few minutes in natural sunlight helps reenergize us all – we get a little extra spring in our step.  Studies clearly support that those who spend more time outside and in the sunlight a little every day are less likely to suffer from depression and the feeling of isolation.  With every season comes different opportunities to create purposeful and meaningful days for our seniors and it is summertime at Phoenix Senior Living.