Phoenix Senior Living

2019 Is Here and We Welcome the New Year

2019 is here and as the CEO and Founder of Phoenix Senior Living, it has certainly been a time to reflect on how quickly things can change.  Personally, my three children are a year older and I celebrate in their health, curiosity and accomplishments.  Although it is hard for me to admit at times, I do realize how quickly time is passing and there are times, here and there, in between the chaos of raising three young children, that I am overwhelmed with how quickly they are growing up.  Yep, I am that Dad that truly enjoys being a Dad and I have the blessing of a wife who embraces parenting as I do.

I am also the CEO and Founder of a growing thriving business, Phoenix Senior Living, that now has 20 senior living communities serving seniors and their families throughout the Southeast and I lay my head on the pillow every night  feeling confident that our Phoenix associates are caring for our residents consistent with our belief – “when it comes to your loved one, everything matters and it matters to us.”.  My own dearly loved Grandmother spent her last day on earth at a Phoenix community, surrounded by family and her Phoenix caregivers and that is exactly where she wanted to be.  Experiences like that, forever cement in your thought process, what really matters when seniors and their families trust you and your organization to care for their loved one.  Trust me – no one at Phoenix Senior Living takes that trust for granted.

One of my own personal goals for our organization was achieved last year when Phoenix Senior Living was certified as a Great Place to Work.  Both professionally and personally, I know without a doubt our organization is defined by the heart and caliber of our front-line associates. Those associates who bring a serving heart to us and who truly understand and embrace their role in the care of our seniors. As an organization, we will always remain committed to sourcing, hiring and training those individuals who truly understand the difference they can make in the life of another human being and who bring a serving heart to the business.  When Phoenix Senior Living was recently certified as a Great Place to Work by our associates, I was not only humbled to recognize that as an employer we are making a difference not only in the lives of the seniors and their families that we serve, but we are also serving our associates and having a positive impact on their lives.  We give people hope and that is a good feeling for a CEO and Founder who truly believes in what we do.