Phoenix Senior Living

The Day Cupid Calls on Phoenix Senior Living

Valentine’s Day, the day when Cupid aims his arrow, has traditionally always been a holiday for couples celebrating romantic love. Today, as the CEO and Founder of Phoenix Senior Living, with 20 senior living communities operating throughout the southeast, serving seniors and their families, I know that February 14th is an excellent opportunity to shower love and affection on all the significant people in your life.

Our Phoenix associates certainly take advantage of the day to celebrate each of our seniors, brightening their day, and celebrating the joy of our extended families in each Phoenix community. From festive decorations that can put a smile on anyone’s face (I never cease to be amazed at the many fascinating ways our teams can decorate with red and pink hearts), to special treats (I have even enjoyed heart shaped pancakes at a Phoenix community), and Classic Valentine’s Day movie marathons – our communities are alive with love in the air.

For many of our residents who have experienced the loss of their spouse for many years, our teams recognize days like this can be painful, and the day can trigger deep sadness as well as feelings of loss. By celebrating Valentine’s Day as a community, we are able to help our seniors connect with the concept of being loved by many, young and old, which helps lessen the grief that many feel.

We recognize and understand that losing a spouse is without a doubt heartbreaking, and many seniors feel like they will never find love again. However, we continue to see those same seniors, once overwhelmed with loss and grief, move into a Phoenix community, where they are in turn immersed in activities and events that keep them active, socializing with their neighbors, and making new friends. These new friendships have the potential to grow to love, and romance can blossom later in life. We know that when seniors become a part of a loving Phoenix family of residents, their families, their grandchildren, and our associates – love is felt daily and fills the heart, all our hearts, with joy!