Phoenix Senior Living

Grandparents Matter

As the CEO and Founder of Phoenix Senior Living it is no secret that serving and honoring seniors and their families is my passion.  Even when Phoenix Senior Living was only a dream, I was always vehement about having a strong and thriving inter-generational platform when I finally launched my vision.  Now that my dream […]

Spring is Officially Welcomed

Spring is officially here and the pleasant change in weather is beginning to invite us all outdoors to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. Spring signals a time for growth renewal through warmer weather, trees and flowers blooming, and outdoor activities! Everyone enjoys the change in seasons for these reasons, and especially since spring provides […]

Blending Generations

Phoenix Senior Living has always believed when you bring our wisest generation together with our youngest generation, something special happens.   A magic that you can watch materialize in front of your eyes.  As the CEO, I see it every time I bring my own 3 young children to visit one of our communities.  Yes, my […]

Friendships and Aging Well

Regardless of our age, human beings are social beings who never outgrow the need for friendship – staying connected with friends and family is at the very core of living well. I am someone who grew up in the same area, enjoying friendships that have endured since elementary school and still do.  Even when I […]

It is a New Year at Phoenix Senior Living

2017 is here and throughout the world, it is a time where people often reflect and re-examine their lives and make New Year’s resolutions to live happier, healthier, and better lives in the new year.  Regardless of your age, you look back on the year you are leaving behind and focus on the future. Although […]

Tis the Season to Celebrate

As the CEO and President of Phoenix Senior Living, I, like the rest of the world, can’t help but enjoy the holidays traditions, smells, food, and joyful atmosphere that seems to blanket us. It is a time when families gather together, almost always around the dining room table and as we enjoy the bounty of […]

The Senior Voice Matters

It was a brisk Fall morning and I stood in a long line to be able to participate in early voting for our country’s 2016 presidential election. I had the privilege of standing behind a senior couple, who took advantage of the “captive audience” in the long line to share their passion and pride in […]

Managing the Seasons of Change

As we quickly move through the year, with fall upon us in the Southeast, and I enjoy my children talking about pumpkins and what they will be for Halloween this year, I did take a few minutes to think about how quickly the year has gone by. Times such as that, when one is reflective, […]