Phoenix Senior Living

Tis the Season to Celebrate

As the CEO and President of Phoenix Senior Living, I, like the rest of the world, can’t help but enjoy the holidays traditions, smells, food, and joyful atmosphere that seems to blanket us. It is a time when families gather together, almost always around the dining room table and as we enjoy the bounty of the holidays, we re-live old memories. We laugh, eat and drink until our hearts and stomachs are full. Over the years, I have rarely encountered any true “Grinch’s” that don’t find some enjoyment through this whirlwind time of the year. To be honest, in my family, Grinch’s are banned.

I can still remember going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Christmas many years ago, and the excitement that surrounded that time. We would all keep our eyes glued to the sky just in case we could catch a glimpse of a sleigh and 8 tiny reindeers. We couldn’t wait to get out of the car and burst through their doors to the magic and joy of the season. As my family grew and the Elf started visiting our home, I see my own children experiencing the same excitement when we head to my parents to celebrate Christmas. There is something magical that happens when you go to your grandparents for the holidays. I have come to understand you can’t really put it into words but it is something that stays with you for a lifetime.

In our Phoenix, Senior Living communities, we never forget we have the honor of serving seniors who have a lifetime of Holiday Traditions and have often been an intricate part of creating those traditions for their families over the years. We still want to make visiting Grandma and Grandpa something special – their home is now our home and we celebrate the holidays at Phoenix. A joyful atmosphere with lights, smells, decorations, holiday music and a spirit of warmth, giving and cheer fill the community – visiting Grandma and Grandpa at Phoenix is fun. Our teams understand how important holiday traditions are to our residents and work hard to keep those traditions alive or work with the families to create new ones. Tis the season to celebrate – and we do.

My own grandmother, as she aged, became unable to put up a Christmas Tree and decorate it – which was always part of our Holiday Tradition. Grandma’s amazing Christmas Tree. When she moved into a Phoenix community, the team helped her put up a “small little tabletop tree” that burned bright 24/7 through December. She loved her tree and you could see the lights on the tree when you walked down her hall. In fact, she so enjoyed her tree she turned it into a seasonal tree and decorated it differently through the 4 seasons – always with the lights burning bright. An age-old tradition became a new and important one to my Grandmother.  At Phoenix, we truly believe, when it comes to your loved one, everything matters and it matters to us – even decorating a little tiny tree. I must confess, having lost my Grandmother recently, I will always remember and miss her little tree of lights.  Happy Holidays to all.