Phoenix Senior Living

Phoenix Senior Living Continues Its Proactive Response Against The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has presented a challenge to our entire world and in response to this international crisis, Phoenix Senior Living has remained steadfast in taking all precautions to keep residents and employees as safe as possible. As we all move through this unfamiliar pandemic experience, Phoenix, an organization serving the Southeast exclusively, never takes the trust of those they serve for granted. We sincerely appreciate the understanding and support of our families as our teams have worked tirelessly to keep our priority laser focused on the wellbeing of our residents and employees.

Our established policies, procedures, and protocols have enabled us to protect residents and employees since the very onset of the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result of these proactive measures, we continue to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus throughout twenty-eight operational communities. As the COVID-19 crisis has continued, our protocols remain in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and the local Department of Public Health guidelines.

As the COVID-19 crisis escalates, Phoenix Senior Living quickly recognized the adversity our health systems were facing. From the very onset of this pandemic, we have been committed to being part of the solution to help close the gap for serving seniors impacted by the virus. “We knew we had the capacity and expertise to provide individualized care to those testing positive for COVID-19, allowing hospitals to focus on critically ill patients. These are unchartered waters that require us all to stretch what we do to serve the greater good,” stated Jesse Marinko, CEO of Phoenix Senior Living.

As of April 11th, Phoenix Senior Living has two dedicated, standalone properties for COVID-19 treatment for asymptomatic individuals requiring care to recover from the virus. These individuals don’t require 24- hour nursing. The Phoenix at Roswell facility and a building on the campus of The Retreat at Loganville are each dedicated to creating a comfortable residence for these individuals impacted by the virus, in a safe environment,  mitigating the spread of the virus and staffed by a trained and dedicated team to support them through their recovery.

These two dedicated, standalone communities create a natural separation for residents living in our other communities who have not been impacted by the virus. We remain committed to all Phoenix communities maintaining our same stringent protocols with the focus on resident and employee safety.

As we continue through this unprecedented experience, Phoenix Senior Living continues to be closely aligned with the guidance of The Department of Public Health and are grateful for their support. Per the required protocol we provide daily updates reporting any positive cases within our many communities.  With our two dedicated communities specifically serving COVID-19 patients from the Metro Atlanta market, we did recognize we would see an increase in positive cases coming into our system. With an eye on caring for the communities in which we serve, we recognize that being a steward to the safety and wellbeing of all seniors including our residents remains the priority. “As we all navigate this unprecedented pandemic, I passionately believe we are stronger working together to protect those in need of care as our nation responds to this crisis,” stated Jesse Marinko, CEO of Phoenix Senior Living, who went on to add, “ I could not be prouder of our 1600+ Phoenix associates who have banded together to help seniors in the Southeast, with a keen focus on doing what is best for those we serve.”