Phoenix Senior Living

Time to Spring Forward at Phoenix

It is that time of year where we all prepare to “spring forward” an hour for daylight saving time. For most of us, an extra cup of coffee and a few days is all we need to have our internal body clocks adapt and get us back on track with the time change. However, as the CEO and Founder of Phoenix Senior Living, whose thought process never deviates too far from serving seniors and their families to the very best of our ability, I am reminded, change is not always easy for seniors, even change with something like springing forward an hour.

I smile when I think about my own Grandfather who used to say, “There is only one time, it is God’s time” and he refused to change his clocks.  Now did he miss his favorite television programs and get to appointments on time (always blaming that Daylight-Saving Time bunk) that would be true, but he refused to comply with daylight saving time. Thank goodness my sweet Grandmother remained the change agent in that household and tried to manage the dreaded time change for both of them.   I smile even more when I chat with our residents these days and hear very similar sentiments to my Grandfather’s – my favorite question “Just whose idea is that time change anyway? I can tell you they didn’t ask the big man upstairs.”

As the largest senior living provider in Georgia with over 22 communities serving seniors and their families throughout the Southeast, our associates understand how difficult change can be for seniors and not just changing to Daylight Saving Time.  Seniors face many changes and many related to loss – they lose their mate of many years, their home, their children grow up and move away, their health is declining, and their energy and vision are waning and as my own grandmother said sweetly “Growing old isn’t for sissies” and at Phoenix Senior Living – we do understand!!

Although many seniors resist moving into an assisted living community, once they are settled, they almost always share they prefer life in their new home to living alone. I know that for a fact as my own grandmother said the same thing.  It is about helping them manage through the change and recognizing the positive change they are enjoying – new friends, fine dining (no cooking required unless they want to), no worries about driving (transportation is provided), feeling safe, no worries about household chores, home maintenance or yard work,  no more boredom – the ability to learn new things and always something to do. The list goes on but my favorite “my family just gets bigger” as our Phoenix associates become part of our residents extended family. Not only does this feedback come to us via our third-party partner who consistently gathers feedback from our families, residents and associates – I heard it straight from my Grandmother’s mouth. So, I know it to be true.

So, on March 10th, when we all set our clocks forward an hour, and our associates help our residents adjust their clocks and schedules, we never forget “aging isn’t for sissies” and we are there to help our residents and their families enjoy the journey and yes, adjust their clocks twice a year.