Phoenix Senior Living

We Celebrate our Associates Who Believe We Are a Great Place to Work

The leaders at Phoenix Senior Living, with 22 communities serving seniors and their families throughout the Southeast, never stop thinking about what truly defines a great senior living community, one that gets better every single day. We continue our quest for excellence on a daily basis however do know for sure, it isn’t in the bricks and sticks of our beautiful communities. Phoenix Senior Living will always remain committed to the best possible living environment for our seniors, complete with a home like feel and with all the possible technology available.  The teams at Phoenix Senior Living will always remain confident and very proud of our communities and the living environment we provide to our seniors.

However, what experience has taught us, what truly makes the difference in going from good to great, it is always our people. It is our people that we call the “heartbeat” of excellence in our services.  As an organization with very tenured leadership, we know that it truly comes down to a question of associates who bring their heart to work every day. That doesn’t just apply to senior living – just think about it – without heart, a powerful speech becomes empty words. Without heart, an amazing athletic performance becomes a silly game.  And without heart, our senior living services are just tasks performed. Heart is at the very core of excellence.  Heart demands that we focus not just on the task at hand, but the people for whom that task is performed.

Recently Phoenix Senior Living was certified as a Great Place to work for the second consecutive year. As an organization we are proud of so many things, but this recognition makes us very proud. This is a recognition supported by feedback from our 1200+ associates throughout the Southeast, defined by their levels of trust, pride and camaraderie as a Phoenix associate. Our associates have made a statement about how they feel about our organization – a great workplace where you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do; and enjoy the people you work with.

You can see it in action at all Phoenix communities – associates who consistently deliver excellence each and every day to the seniors and families they serve – not only loving what they do but more importantly loving those they do it for – as well as who they do it with..  Not only are our associates well trained – they bring their hearts to the job each and every day.  Our associates are and always will be what makes us different than all the rest.  Phoenix Senior Living will continue to always be committed to being a Great Place to Work in the Southeast and we celebrate all our associates who continue to place their trust and confidence in us as a Great Place to Work.